May 22, 2013

New 'Minhug' for Belz Mitzva Tantz. The kallah holds the movie camara

I have a Talmudic question. Was the kallah's face covered (Or even if it wasn't covered), Why cant I see her? You're allowed to look at the kallah (but not the face) so I won't look at the face.  And if you don't trust me, why did you trust 5,000 chasidim to see the kallah? Why wasn't she in a black box? (Maybe she was) And if she covered her face why cant I see her? 

My Gerer friend told me that the boys take pills before their wedding because of the great shock of going to bed with a girl after a whole life of treating them like the Satan.  (See Aug 12, 2012: May 16, 2011)