May 26, 2013

Maryles, Schonfeld, and Dolinger

R' Maryles and R' Schonfeld, I already told you what to do. Click Feb 4, 2011. And rabbi Dolinger; You are a perfect example of what happens when Y.U. kisses the gods of secular society. You get all caught up with secular 'values', blah, blah, blah. The torture of having to chose between the G-d of the Torah and the god of the colleges has turned you into a 'nut job'. 

And besides that, the second the gays get their full power and rights not to be discriminated against, and they must be seen as normal people, the second that happens they will close down all the shuls and yeshivas, because the Torah is anti gay, and they will force 50% of Hollywood movies to be gay. So where is your freedom, you moron?  (See Jul 5, 2012)  See this!

I just saw the video of Dolinger. Yes! A total 'nut job'- created in the bowels of Y.U., from the bowels (Philosophy) of Y.U. Everybody was laughing at him.