December 31, 2012

Why did G-d make Y2K?

We know from the Torah that G-d manipulates every single thing that goes on in this world. So if Y2K happened that means that G-d wanted it to happen. If he did not want it to happen it wouldn't have happened. Just like Sandy Hook; he could have stopped it if he wanted to. Not only that, but G-d knows the future, and he knew about Hitler and Sandy Hook 5,000 years ago. Not only that, but the entire mechanism of the world, the past 5,000 years, is all connected like a huge complicated watch, and only at the end of 'this' world (After Moshiach comes) will we be able to look back and see G-d's unbelievable intelligence and compassion. 

And that's what G-d told the angels after they complained about the 10 great rabbi's that were killed by the Romans. They said "this is Torah, and this is it's reward?" And G-d said "if I hear one more word out of you I will return the world to nothingniss (Just like it was before I created it) (I will stop energizing the atoms, and the world will collapse into nothing). But you can say much deeper. If you want to really understand this difficult world, you must go all the way outside the world, and look back at the entire world (6,000 years) with one big look, and then you'll understand everything.

So why did G-d make Y2K? Because if not for Y2K there would have been so much drinking and reveling in the world that many Jews would have died as a result. And at that point G-d was not interested in pogroms. So there you have it. Y2K ruined everything.