December 27, 2012

'The shidduch crises', what you won't see on Matzav

Less pressure to get married = PICKY! PICKY! First it's the yeshiva treating marriage like dirt (With the freezer). "Just sit and learn Torah, and all the beautiful rich girls will come flying into your lap," which does not work out in real life. They wouldn't dare treat Chanuka like marriage. You should listen to rabbi Nisin Kaplin, how he tears apart the technicalities of Chanuka lighting; you would think it's rocket science. And this is all because of Brisk, who were fanatical in the technicalities of the mitzvos. And because of this, 6,000 guys in Lakewood Stop learning in middle of Sader, and run home (To the other end of Lakewood) to light the candles, and then rush back to Sader. (Not before stealing some Latkes, and making sholom bayis problems). And of course the whole Sader is shot to pieces.

So by Chanuka everything must be  exactly on time, but by marriage, come-on! What's the big deal, it's only 4 months! 4 months of a 23 year old (3 year Tippuch) watching dirty movies and Internet, and looking at glossy magazines. Who needs a girl if you can look at a pretty girl in a magazine, where they use 1 picture out of 300, and they airbrush out all the pimples, and they stretch the picture to make her skinny, and then comes all the makeup. Can a regular frum girl compete with all this? Why would a guy want to take a nice 'plain' girl? And why would a girl take a nice 'plain' boy if she can marry her dirty movies?

So the pressure to get married gets cut in half, and along comes the parents who think that they're G-d's gift to the world, and their kids are also G-d's gift to the world, and they want this, and this, and this, and this. Tell me Mr. big shot; How many times did your kids find your movies and magazines hidden in the bedroom? And if you think your Hayliger Kinderlech never looked for these kind of things  you're a certified moron! Go to the mikva 36 times and rub against boys. And then put on your Shtraimel and beck, and say "G-d loves me. I went to the mikva."   (Click Sep 24, 2012)

When you only want to get married with one foot you can afford to tell the Shadchan that "even though the girl has everything I want, I don't like that she's from Toronto, because all my Friends won't make it to the wedding, and it won't be so nice."  True story told to me by the Shadchan.