December 10, 2012

Lipa moves in with the Flatbush Lubavitch crowd

As you are well aware there is a big Machlokis between the Yated and the Jewish press about putting in pictures of women, as I showed you in Mar 27, 11. The Flatbush crowd is also furious about the blurring of little girls faces by the frummacks. So it's not surprising that the Flatbush Lubavitch 'Jewish Press' people would put out a Lipa video with pretty girls in it (Nothing new to the Jewish Press) and even if she doesn't cover her elbows, hello? Which world are you in?

And as far as Lipa? He doesn't see anything through those glasses. He just sees himself becoming a huge star (Which he is) and he'll have the biggest collection of glasses in the world.

And the kids need a lot of help and happiness; there are so many broken kids out there. So just forget about this video and go back to your porn.

They put in the women for the same reason the dancing at the Siyum Hashas was too short (As usual) ; because the women could not participate in the dancing, and the feminist pressure was too much.