December 2, 2012

Addendum #2 to Feb 12, 12

How in the world can it say all over shas that G-d always gives you a kosher way out. Like if you love sex you can get married and have it the kosher way. How can you say that, if you hold that you're never allowed to see your wife undressed (with the light on). How is this supposed to be a substitute for playing with a prostitute or another woman? 

And what are you telling me that you can eat your wife anyway you want (Click July 26, 12) Is this a joke? You can have anal sex with her (no light) but you can't even play with her in the light? This is called "eating your wife anyway you want?" 

It is not a coincidence that many frummaks have rotten marriages. Like I showed you in the end of chullin (141a); sex makes shalom bayis. Bad sex makes bad shalom bayis.