May 10, 2012

Gay Hamon Gog

There is no such thing in the Torah as an "officially gay" person, just like there is no such thing as an official "love my neighbors wife" person, or "love my neighbors dog" person. Everything goes under the same umbrella of forbidden sex acts, as you can see in the Torah (Vayikra 18). 

The Ramban says in Devorim 29,18  that the lust for a man or animal is an overflow of regular lust. In other words, the more you bombard people with sexual stimulation (Like you do in the movies or media) the more they will crave and run after sex all day. And even if he's satisfied with women (He has plenty of women, like in the modern world where everything is co-ed) he will not stop and say "OK that's it", but will overflow his lusts and develop a taste for other pasture's, like young boys who look like girls, or men and animals. 

Also, what happens to a young boy is very critical, because the lust that gets injected into a little boy is very powerful, and it can affect his entire life. And I'm not even talking about being molested or penetration. I'm talking about kids who go to a haunted house or other hideout and play dirty games. This has nothing to do with being gay or any other official hangup. It's just kids injecting powerful lust into themselves. But later on it can lead to gay thoughts because of the overflow of lust in the mind. 

And may I add that the evil Hollywood has made this problem 100 times worse by making everyone think about sex 24/7. And they brought us into the generation of the flood, where the people flooded the earth with their thick hot semen, and G-d in turn flooded the earth with thick hot water (Sanhedrin 108b). The constant running after sex also makes you become old prematurely. "Old age jumps up on him" (Shabbos 152a) 

So at the end of the day don't be baffled by all the child molesting going on, even though this was never supposed to happen according to (Kiddushin 82a), because it all depends on which land and which generation you live in. The poskim say that the Shulchan Aruch does not let two men be alone together because he lived in a gay promiscuous land,(Spain?)  but had he lived in a clean modest land this male Yichud business  would not have been a problem. (Poskim (Bach) E.H. 24)

So what's with today's "one shtick sex" generation? Today you can't even be alone with a gerbil or smart phone. (Click Jun 28, Jun 14)