October 16, 2016

The stupidity of the feminists

It's not that women cannot do what men do. It's that women play a different role then men. The women also saved the Jewish people, but they did not do it through brute strength but rather through sex. You have the story of Yeal, Yehudis, and Ester, who saved the Jewish people through sex. And then you also have the women of Egypt, who beautified themselves with mirrors and ran after their husbands, when the husbands already gave up hope and did not want to have any more children. And when the women brought the mirrors to Moshe to use for the Mishkon- G-d told Moshe "use it, because this is worth more to me then anything else". So to push for women to be like men is absolute stupidity. See this - Kooloytoyra: Drag Kings and yeshiva boys in the Israeli army: