September 6, 2016

(To Daas Torah) In a certain way a wife is indeed a slave

(From Jul 26, 2012) Key Yekach Ish Isha; (If a man buys a wife for himself) (Devorim 22, 13). "That she is bought to him to do whatever he wants with her", like having anal sex. (Ran, Nedorim 20b) (Tosfos, Yevamos 34b) A wife is like a piece of meat. You can eat it any way you want. Baked, broiled, roasted, cooked, fried, grilled, sauteed, etc. (Nedorim, Ibid). I think the Talmud is advising us to keep sex from becoming boring. (Click Feb 12, 12)

"If it was only an issue of putting her on top and him on bottom, for that she would not have gone to Rebbe to complain. What does she care? But the issue was that he did anal sex, and it hurt her." (From Tosfos, Yevamos 34b)