September 19, 2016

Nachum Rosenberg is sending chasidim to prostitutes

He said on the hotline that the Torah does not let you do anal sex. You absolutely don't know what the hell you're talking about. Just because it hurt Deena does not mean anything. Big deal! If it was not a legitimate form of sex then gay penetration would not be forbidden just like oral sex is not called sex. And it's exactly from the gay commandment that we learn that a woman has 2 places for sex, and a man has one of them. (Do I have to go through this all over again?) 

The Reshonim only talk about if you're allowed to finish off and spill the seed anally, but the sex itself? It's an open gemorah! Rebbe told the girl "too bad! He's allowed to do it". (Do I have to go through this all over again?)

But if you tell the chasidim that it's forbidden then what do they do? They go to prostitutes. Very nice. Then you go on the hotline and talk about all the chasidim going to prostitutes. Listen you schmuck! If you don't know what you're talking about "shut up".

Here is something interesting - "Rifka was very pretty, she was a virgin, and no one had sex with her" (Berashis 24, 16). Now if she was a virgin why tell us "no one had sex with her?" And the answer is that the other girls protected their virginity, but they let the boys do anal sex, but Rifka was clean from everything. (Rashi)