August 10, 2016

The bums of Jerusalem

The (Married) girls of tzion would walk around with head held high, with tiny measured steps so everyone should look at them, all loaded with makeup, and the taller girls would walk next to the shorter girls in order to look tall. And they would put perfume flowers in their shoes and walk the streets of Jerusalem. And when they would pass a group of boys they would bang their feet in the ground and squirt perfume at them, injecting them with a poisonous lust (Shabbos 62b). (From Jul 22, 2012)

What happened to the girls pubic hair after the Churbon? Answer; it became thick like a forest "which is disgusting for sex" (Rashi, Shabbos 62). Now why did they deserve this? Because they would dress up for the boys instead of the husband (And they would shtupp yeddishkite in Jerusalem). What? My husband is taking me 'out' and I should wear a Techil? Why do you think I have a 3,000 dollar shaitel and a miniskirt? For my husband? My husband is a jerk (Of course of course).   (See July 22, Dec 4, 2012) (Must See Dec 4)