May 2, 2016

No wonder they have a rotten marriage

Tell me....Is it OK to go to a prostitute? 
No...It's not OK.
But what should I do? I want to see a naked girl!
Why go to a prostitute which is forbidden if you can go to your wife? 

But you said husband and wife are never allowed to see each other undressed? The light must be off!
It's a good question, but what should I do? The reason is that maybe you will see something not nice and you will hate her.
First of all, this was only said during actual sex when you are very sensitive. Number 2- you don't know exactly what the Talmud is talking about! Didn't the boy check out the girl already (The hidden parts) by "Simpon"? (See Feb 12, 2012). Number 3- I showed you the "Tur" that you can see everything except "that place", even though he says he will shut the light before actual sex.
And Number 4- (This is a whopper) If she didn't see him naked, who was she thinking about while she was having sex and a baby came out of this? The Italian delivery boy or the Porto- Rican delivery boy? Then you want to know why the kid is a "Shaygits?"