May 31, 2016

America is next on line

"Do not do like Egypt did, and like Canaan did" (Vayikra 18). Egypt and Canaan were the most morally corrupt places on earth, and the place were the Jews lived (Goshen) was the worst of all (Rashi). What did they do in ancient Egypt? The men married men, and the women married women, and the women married 2 men (Rambam). (See Jun 28, 2011)

When G-d killed out the firstborn of Egypt it says "there was no house that didn't have dead" (Shemos 12, 30). Says Rashi- "even if there was no firstborn the oldest would die, or you can say that they were all "cheating", and she had a few firstborns- one to the husband, one to the plumber, one to the delivery boy, and one to the personal trainer. So there you have it! G-d publicized the stink that was going on.

Now we have it all over again. The Jews are sitting in the worst place in the world. At least in the generation of the flood they had 2 wives- the pretty one was for parties, and the other one was for babies, but now no one cares about anything! it's just the poodle and the sex doll!