January 2, 2015

What if?

What if an Atheist dies, and the Demons throw him around like a football from one hell to another; from an oven of 120,000 degrees to a pot of boiling hot feces, and they dump you inside for 10 hours straight, and then the 70 virgins come to lick you, and when they get close you see that they're really monsters.......and then you scream "GOD!! PLEASE HELP ME!!"  And they say "what god???" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!    Do you have proof that this won't happen?

So the Atheist may say-- "wait a minute, maybe there really is no G-d and the same exact thing will happen to you?" NANANANA!! You can't have it both ways. If there is no G-d there is no afterlife. Where is the afterlife? Show it to me!!