October 27, 2014

'The Partial View' finally blasts Lakewood

The way I heard it, after Rabbi Finkel died, Mir Jerusalem started taking Pell grants for it's American boys. It's around 18,000 dollars per boy, per year, for a period of 5 years. if Mir takes 2 years Lakewood can only get 3 more years, which is an enormous loss if you figure 500 boys coming in per zman (Twice a year). And I heard that Lakewood went 'nuts', and that's why they don't want boys learning in Israel 2 years; not because of the BS that the boys are on the Internet, or the shidduch crisis.

Now you know why they must have the freezer; they must keep the boys in Lakewood in order that they should get used to Lakewood and stay after marriage, instead of running away right after marriage. The freezer plan worked very well, and Lakewood became a booming city. 

BMG has Chaburos on everything except Kiddushin 29b, because if they would only learn Keddushin 29 they would see everything I wrote on my blog about the freezer, and they would see that they're a bunch of bastards for not letting the boys get married.   (See Aug 29, 2014)
BTW, the freezer was in place before AK came around.