October 5, 2014

No cholent for the OTD

Ron Kuby who does not believe in anything (No G-d - nothing) is very proud that his mother is a real Jew - through and through, and his daughter is a gentile because his wife is a gentile. The problem is that if G-d did not give the Torah to the Jews at Mt. Sinai then the whole thing is just a joke, and who said that Jewish identity goes after the mother? The Torah! (Kiddushin p3, m12) And who said that there's such a thing as a Jew in the first place? The Torah! So what are you giving me this crap that you're a proud Jew? Even if both of your parents were Jewish you would still be a gentile.

The bottom line is that if you don't believe in G-d you have no right to eat lox and bagels, and you have no right to make cholent parties like the OTD's do.