July 2, 2014

Michael Savage, you're also a moron

"Nature evolved and put little barbs on the strawberries to protect them from the insects" (Said today). So the question is, who protected the strawberries until nature evolved? The answer is this. First nature or G-d, or whoever, made strawberries without barbs, and our great grandfathers (The monkeys) were not interested in strawberries, so the insects ate up all the strawberries. But then our great grandfathers brains started to grow a little and they learned how to make strawberry ice cream, and all of a sudden the demand for strawberries shot through the roof, so nature evolved and protected the strawberries from the insects.

I wonder how much money was given to nature under the table to pull this off. I understand that PETA was furious, but it worked out well, because every time PETA came to make trouble the monkeys threw feces at them and that was the end of it.