April 1, 2014

Many Sfardim did like the Rambam and they were not successful

I already showed you in Aug 14, 2013 that Slifkin only tells you half of the Rambam that you must work, but he doesn't tell you the other half, that you only work to make ends meet, and then you learn the rest of the day. This is very nice in theory but in practice it's extremely difficult, and only very great people like the rabbis of the Talmud were able to do this (See June 4b, 2013). And it goes without saying that today it's almost impossible to go to work just a little bit and then learn the rest of the day. Tuition alone will kill you. 

And now here it comes. "it wasn't enough that the Rambam glorified the Eben Ezra (For no good reason) but then he went and made fun of the Baalay Tosfos (French) calling them "fat meat fressers". But the Ramban was not like that, and even though the Ramban was a Sfardy he still saw the truth, that the Baalay Tosfos were very great, and he praised them (Not like the Rambam did). 

And I found in Responsa of the Rosh that even though the Rambam was very great, still, if he argues against the Ree and Rabainu Tam you should not listen to him, because it's a Kabbalah that the Ree and Rabainu Tam were greater than the Rambam both in wisdom and in numbers (Rabainu Tam had 80 Baalay Tosfos sitting in front of him)". 

All this is from the Hakdama of the Yam shell Shloma to Baba Kama (See Aug 13, 2013).