March 20, 2014

The crying Israeli mother

Attn Harry Maryles; your argument about the crying mother is a stupid argument, and I'll tell you why. It's like a person dying from cancer, and he says, "It's not fair that I'm dying, and my friend is perfectly healthy, so my friend should also jump off the roof". The same thing here; nobody asked you to be secular, and to go to the army and play with girls. Your son could have gone to yeshiva and dodged the army. So because your son wants to be free from the yoke of Torah is that why my son should become a secular pig in the army atmosphere just to make you happy?

And as far as 'sharing the burden'; see Aug 14, Jun 4b, 24, 28, 30 (see), May 7, Apr 8 (very important), Mar 10, Feb 6, 2013: 
Nov 25, Jul 16 (PS) (very important) 2012: and Sept 8, 2011: All this is good ammunition.