September 9, 2013

If Obama is Gog (Part 3)

It looks like Obama wants to be another Hitler or another Stalin, but G-d has other plans. "I will put hooks in your cheeks, and I will shlepp you to the mountains of Jerusalem, you, and all the nations that will come along with you to march against Jerusalem, (And I will beat the sh.. out of you) and you will know that I am G-d". (Yecheskel 38)

Forget about global warming. "The lands of the enemy will burn for SEVEN years", and Gog's dead army will be eaten by the animals and birds (Ibid 38, 39). (Talk about population control). Anyone who thinks 'payday' will not come for everything the nations did to the Jews is a moron. It is G-d's unbelievable strength that he was able to hold himself back so long, as long as we were in exile, but the day the Messiah comes the ballgame is over.

I wonder if Obama's "red line" which came from his 'cheeks' will pull him into a Middle East war which he will never get out of. Time will tell.   (See Apr 23, 2013)