September 23, 2013

Harry Maryles-- you're a moron

You, and Slifkin, and the Modern Orthodox want to cut down Torah as much as possible and embrace the modern world--college etc..... I showed you already in Aug 14, 2013 how the Torah will not survive today without kollel. How important Torah is, and how horrible college and the workforce is today. 

I was listening to Don Imus recently and they were talking about why a fancy college cost 60,000 dollars. It's because your child gets pampered unbelievably from morning to night. They don't even have to do the laundry or keep the room clean-- everything get's done for them. They are left with 100% of their extra time to 'make out' and Shtuup and Shtuup and make out. 

No diapering the baby, no feeding the baby, no staying up all night with a crying baby, no cleaning up the chulent from the highchair, no cleaning up the throw up from the carpet, no spending an hour to find a missing shoe, and on, and on, and on. Nothing, just eating salads (After all, you have to be healthy in order to Shtuup) 'making out', and watching dirty movies together with the pipik.

This is the glorious life of the Modern Orthodox, and now you know why they are full of 'wife swapping'. I think Harry should keep his pipik away from the kollel guys, and he should focus instead on the rampant cheating going on by the MO.