August 29, 2013

Isn't it delicious?

Isn't it delicious that the bible critics and Kofrim who say that everything is just a joke: the Torah is a joke, the Talmud is a joke, the stories of the Talmud and the Medrish is just a joke: since everything is just a joke there is no reason to suffer because of the Torah, and it's not a problem to shtuup your neighbors wife. Delicious! But we Torah Jews who try to keep the Torah--we have a very hard life. But we know that this world is only a preparation for the next world. 

But the Kofrim who don't believe in the next world- I don't understand why they act as if there is a next world. They are so busy with woman's rights, and WOW, and morality, and being a mench, and lecturing to the Charedim. For what? For what? If it's really true that when you die you just disappear and you only have this short life of yours, which normal person would spend his time with moral issues? If you had any brains you would enjoy life as much as possible, and you would rob, rape, and murder. Life has no meaning anyway. 

But everyone acts as if there really is a next world and life has meaning. And if this indeed is the case, then you should know about the severe punishment you get when you make fun of the words of the Rabbis. You get dumped into a boiling hot cesspool (Eruvin 21b, Gittin 57a). Now why such a harsh punishment? Why can't you tell G-d "I was a non-believer" He He- Ha Ha"? Think about it.

And look at You-Tube, and tell me who gave the lion brains to kill by the neck. Did the lions learn Hilchos Shcheeta?   OHHH! I know what happened. Since the Torah was not given by G-d, the lion finally figured out Hilchos Shcheeta after 100 million years of eating tuna sandwiches with Pickles and olives, and he taught his great 'Chidush' to the Jews. And these slimy Rabbis didn't say over the Chidush in the name of the lion, and they made believe they made it up themselves. And now you know the rest of the story.  (See Nov 3, 2011)