June 5, 2013

Leah Vincent is in a dream world

I just read 'Destiny' by Leah Vincent, May 27, 13. She makes it sound like the Ultra Orthodox are full of gloom, and the OTD's are full of happiness. And then she goes on TV and says that she hung out with a man, and he eventually raped her ("And then my life was over"). This is typical Feminist B.S.! "He's allowed to do this, and this, and this to me, but when I say stop, he must stop immediately!" And of course at that point he can't stop. So isn't the Torah smarter that it doesn't let you hang out with a man to begin with? Where is your 'glorious' OTD life? And where will be your 'glorious' OTD life when your spouse cheats on you, since cheating is extremely rampant in the secular world?