June 25, 2013

Chillul Hashem flip flops according to the necessary outcome

"We understand why Yehuda admitted having sex with Tamar, in order to save her life (and the 2 kids), but why did Reuvain admit that he sinned? Didn't Rav Shashes say that you're not allowed to advertise your sins? (Brachos, end of 34: "It's a chillul Hashem"- Rashi, Yoma 86b) The answer is that he didn't want his father to accuse the other brothers. (Sota, end of 7)

So really Yehuda should never have advertised his sin, but since he had to save 3 lives the chillul Hashem turned into a 'Kiddush Hashem in public', since he embarrassed himself 'big time' in order to save 3 lives (Sota 10b). (See Yoma 86b, regarding sins done in public, or sins between man and man)

The bottom line is that you gotta know when something is really a Chillul Hashem, or Kiddush Hashem. Throwing esrogim at WOW is not necessarily a chillul Hashem if you look at the whole picture. The WOW ladies are solid Kofrim, like I showed you before (Feb 13, 13) who are only interested in destroying orthodox Judaism. So I don't see what's wrong with defending the Torah. (See Feb 4, 2011: Mar 14, 2012)