May 13, 2013

Judaism is not a "feel good" religion. It's a "do what I tell you " religion

This concept is very hard to understand in today's society, where good and evil is dictated by "how I feel in my heart (and my stomach) today about this issue." So yesterday gays were evil, because that's how they felt in their hearts, but today it's a 'mitzva' to be gay. So along comes that shrimp eater Michael Savage (Who's father was an Atheist), and he screams 'bloody murder' if you kill the gays. But he can understand 'capitol punishment' for a murderer. 

The kid on his show actually said very well (The MBP show). "Who the hell do you think you are to decide what deserves the death penalty, and what doesn't?" And the answer is that like all reform and Conservative Jews, they decide what's good and what's evil according to their "feeeelings" of today. And the funny thing is that Michael Savage, who makes fun of "feeeelings", he himself sees the world through the lens of his feelings. What did you think? You thought he knew how to learn Torah? 

If he knew how to learn, he would have known what it says in Sanhedrin 76b, that if you find something from a cuti and you give it back to him, G-d gets furious, because he never told you to give it back to him, and it shows that you're not worshiping G-d, you're just worshiping your "feely goody bleeding Jewish heart". Sound familiar? 

When an Orthodox Jew does a mitzva he makes a blessing "that he sanctified us through his mitzvos, and he commanded us to do this and this". Not because it makes me 'feel good', but because G-d said so. And we feel great when we do G-d's will.   (See Nov 17, 2011)