March 10, 2013

Slifkin shows his anti-semitism

According to Slifkin (Mar 8, 2013), klal yisrael has no need for college level Torah learning. This is what he said; "charedim, behind the bluster of ridiculous claims about Torah being destroyed (As if there is no Torah learning without 18-21 year old charedim) understandably fear their way of life being seriously changed."

As if a yeshiva boy can get back to full blown learning after age 21, after playing with girls, and secular exposure, for 3 years in the army.

"The dor that Moshiach will come 'many' will gang up against the Talmiday Chachamim." (The end of Ksuvos) Now who is this 'many'? Is it the Nazis? Is it the Europeans? Is it the Ref-Cons? Is it Stephen Wise? Is it Ben Gurion? Is it the secular Israelis? And until now they didn't gang up? But you know what it means? It means that ORTHODOX JEWS will gang up against the Talmiday Chachamim. So there you have it! (See Mar 7, 2013)