October 15, 2012

Where is 'Slifkin' coming from, and where are 'we' coming from?

When they first went up to the moon, they told Rav Lazer Horjeitzky (from the mir, Shanghai) about it, and they asked him what is his opinion. And he said "if you believe that they have enough intelligence to send a man to the Moon, then they certainly have enough intelligence to make believe that they sent a man to the Moon." And you know what? He's right! They never proved that man went to the moon other then the TV screen. We all "believe" that man went to the moon because we saw it on TV, but we did not see it in real life. And I don't believe the astronauts themselves because they can be part of the hoax. Today we have a whole gang of guys who spend the entire day finding fakes on You-Tube.

Now here is a quote from Slifkin (From "in defense of my opponents" Oct 2008) "You don't go into Mea She'arim and start teaching them about dinosaurs and evolution- it will rock the foundations of their world. And if someone has spent his entire life in an insular community was taught to revere absolutely everything in the Talmud as the word of G-d, and has no knowledge of science that would lead him to doubt this, it would shake his faith terribly to learn of great Reshonim who said otherwise."

I will now turn this quote upside down. "You don't go into YU or other colleges, and start teaching the kids about the Piltdown man, or the many other hoaxes in science, or about Noah's ark sitting all the way on top of Mt. Ararat, because it will rock the foundations of their world. And if someone has spent his entire life in an insular college, where they bury Noah's Ark and the Piltdown Man (No college kid has ever heard of the Piltdown Man) it would shake his faith terribly to learn that evolution is only a theory which was never proven, and it was only developed to keep G-d out of the picture. And this is why science will never talk about Noah's Ark." So at the end of the day YU is not any less insular then Satmar. (Click Sep 19, 20, 2012)

I read Slifkin's work 'The sun's path at night' and the question is "so what?" What does this have to do with evolution? What is itching Slifkin and the MO to push evolution down the throat of the Torah? And the answer is that this is the fruit of the colleges. The colleges introduced god #2 to the MO (And to JB, like I showed you Aug 6, 12) and this is why they worship the god of the modern world (science) side by side with the G-d of the Torah. They don't want to feel that all their college years was for nothing. So if the Torah says that G-d made the world in 6 days this is a problem, and Slifkin cannot sleep at night. 

I don't know! The way I was brought up if the Torah says 6 days then it's 6 days (Unless Chazal said otherwise) and the hell with science. I don't trust science for 5 minutes. Yes, what they know they know, but what they don't know they also think they know, and this is the problem. Like there is no need for tonsils or appendix, and a certain bear has no need for that extra finger. And at the end of the day they are proven to be a bunch of buffoons. (Click Nov 3, 11)

But when it comes to evolution, not only is it retarded, but the whole thing was only made to begin with to get rid of G-d. If you go back, back, back, back, 100 million, 500 million, 900 million, you can push G-d far far away. But if you believe in G-d with infinite power and intelligence there is nothing wrong with 6 days.

But Slifkin and the MO are not coming from that direction, they're coming from the other direction. First they worship science as a god, and then all he has to do is find that Chazal bowed down to science, and bingo! From now on Torah must answer up to science. The problem is that we will now have to throw away half of the Torah, because science does not believe in 6 days of creation, or that Billam's donkey ever talked, or that they were very big in magic in the olden days (Chartumim), or that they predicted the future by looking into the stars, etc, etc, etc.

So like I said before; since the MO worship 2 gods, therefore they are very busy trying to fit the Torah into science, even though the entire idea of evolution was only created to get rid of G-d. They did not find evolution because they were looking for truth. I showed you already in Sep 19, that science has zero intrest in finding the absolute truth.

Likewise, when it comes to feminism and gays, the Modern Orthodox are having a very hard time keeping both gods happy, the G-d of the Torah, and the god of the modern world. And even though feminism has also infiltrated the charedi world making our lives miserable, still, we do not worship feminism as a value. We just treat it as a problem, together with child molesting, etc, etc.

By the way, the Poskim were dead on the money that in a highly sexed up generation like ours, where you think about sex 24/7 (Thanks to Hollywood) you cannot guarantee normal behavior, like even a single guy (rebbe) would not molest boys, or a married rebbe would not get involved with the boys mothers, or you don't have to worry about gay yichud between two men. All this is unpredictable in a generation like ours. (See the end of May 10, 12)