September 24, 2012

The Yeshivos did not learn anything from Hitler

Before Hitler it was all "Tayra Tayra", nothing else. Just "Tayra Tayra". So if now is Shabbos and you come up with a great chidush: no problem! Just write on shabbos! "alt's far Tayra". They also treated marriage like dirt, And even though we needed big masmedim to push off marriage, and to transmit the Torah to the next generation, still, there were many boys who should not have pushed off marriage for so long. 

So Hitler came and destroyed all the yeshivos. So you would think the yeshivos would have learned their lesson, but no: not only did they not learn their lesson, but they made it even worse! Now with the 'freezer' they don't even LET you get married on time, even if you wanted to. So you may say "OK" "OK". Well it's not OK! Today's boys are so soaked with sexual media that they should really get married at 13 (instead of 23), like they did in the good old days (Sanhedrin 76b, 104a, on the bottom). 

I don't understand this blatant stepping on the Mitzvos and getting away with it! Why don't they push off Shofer for 4 months?   (Click Aug 5, Dec 9, 2011: April 16, 2012)