September 28, 2012

I wonder if Karen Davis (From JS) knows how you cook a lobster

You throw a live lobster into a pot of boiling water, or you take a live lobster, and you cut it in half (Right down the middle) with a huge knife, depending on how you're cooking it.

I wonder if Karen Davis knows what the gays do with Gerbils?
I wonder if Karen Davis knows how they do the "bleeding of the pig"? 
I wonder if Karen Davis knows what the Inquisition did to the Jews? 

"Bleeding Chicken heart!"; stop worrying so much about the Kaporos chickens. To do Tshuva, and to conquer the yeatzer hora overrides 'tzar baley chayim', even if you say 'tzar baley chayim' is Deoraysa! (Boba Metzia, end of 32)

And it's not surprising that the free choice of a human being to correct his behavior is more important then the pain of an animal. It is preciously the hippies who want to live like animals without any self-control, who go around saying that humans are no better then animals. Yes, you are no better, but other people who fight over their lusts are better.    

They don't slaughter the pig. They slowly bleed it to death. The blood is used for sausage, which is called "Black Pudding". They make a whole festival out of the bleeding of the pig, and the making of the sausage.