July 20, 2012

A beautiful story from Shas for the MO Siyum Hashas

The emperor told Rabon Gamliel "your G-d is a robber. He put Adam to sleep and stole his rib." So the emperors daughter said "let me answer this question" (also Sanhedrin beginning of 91). So she said to her father "give me a judge". So the emperor asked why? So she said "because robbers came in middle of the night and stole a silver pitcher, leaving in it's place a golden pitcher". 

So the emperor said "I wish this would happen every day!"  So the daughter said "isn't Adam lucky that they took 1 rib from him and gave him back a maidservant to serve him?" (Sanhedrin beginning of 39). I didn't say this, the shiksa said it! Go attack the shiksa!  (Click Jun 6)