June 13, 2012

Very nice 'Haredi And Proud'

Very nice Haredi and proud (Especially the Chazon Ish's letter in the comments). I just want to fill in a few blanks. In "Boychiks in the hood"; (1996) Robert Eisenberg asked rabbi Moshe Tendler what he thinks about Modern Orthodoxy. And Rabbi Tendler answered "there is no such thing as Modern Orthodoxy, either you keep the Torah or you don't". I can't find the book now, look it up yourself. 

I know a guy who teaches MO kids, and he says that most of the class is whacked out of their minds. You can't even talk to them. They're all walking around with their smart phones, looking at everything under the sun. But I never said that the kids are stupid. They know that by the time they hit 35 their "fiddle" will be burnt out because of the MO embracing all kinds of secular media, and this is not Judaism. So do you blame a MO boy for pulling to the right? For at least trying to be good? (Click Jun 5)

I have listened to rabbi Rakeffet here and there, and I see that rabbi JB's Talmidim are in a 'lock-down' mode. In other words, they can never be more frum then their rebbe. That would be a big embarrassment to the rebbe. They can never get out of the cesspool of mixing Torah with the modern world. And that's why they have to answer up to feminism, gay's, etc. instead of just telling them to go to hell.