February 5, 2012

I'm attracted to my dog "Chaim Levin" style

Yes, that's right, I'm attracted to dogs. But for some reason nothing else turns me on. I don't penetrate the regular or anal place because the Torah says "no", but I still sleep with him/her and I "let it out" on his body. Anyway, you have no right to mix into my private life. Whatever I do in the bedroom is nobody's business. 

I came out of the closet because I'm sick and tired of all the guilt and depression that comes every time after I "let it out". The only reason why I don't commit suicide is because the Torah says it's a huge Avayra. I think I was molested by a dog as a kid. When I was 9 I was once in the Mikva, and a dog came and started licking me. Then he told me that he has the key to the boiler room...... 

I'm sick and tired of everyone making fun of me, so I'm going to march in the "dog and ball" pride parade, and I'm going to regain my pride and honor. I will never forgive my family for kicking me out of the house, even though the whole block knew that I sleep with dogs, and I hang out in the dog beauty parlor. 

Nobody has a right to embarrass or shame me. I was obviously born "dogy". All my friends are dogs and I never sinned once. Really????  you hang out with dogs all day and you never went into the hole?? You can love each other and live together and never go into the hole Chaim Levin? So why is the Torah against gay marriage? Why cant you just "f" around all day without going into the hole Chaim Levin? (All of a sudden gays have self control) (Click Jun 28)

Why don't we make a "cheeseburger pride parade" down 13 th Avenue for all the OTD kids who lick cheeseburgers but don't swallow? After all, you have no right to shame them. They should be proud of themselves. And if you don't let them throw cheeseburgers at 13 th Av. shoppers they may G-d forbid have thoughts of suicide. "Oy vay!!"