December 29, 2011

Rabbi Yankel Weisberg and the Jewish Agency

Rabbi Yankel Weisberg (Of the founders of Peeylim) told me that the Jewish agency in the 1950's was so evil that the head of the agency came from the seed of Amaleik. That's what a big rabbi told him. 

You had these kids that barely made it out of the gas chambers alive, who came to Israel clutching their Tfillin that went through the entire hell together with them. And the Jewish agency would tear away the Tfillin from them and give them girlie magazines instead. Rabbi Weisberg told me that they would tell the kids to make cut-outs from the girlie magazines. 

SO FROM DAY ONE THE STATE OF ISRAEL HAS USED SEXUAL STIMULATION TO WAGE WAR AGAINST THE TORAH, AND TO KILL AS MANY DELICATE JEWISH SOULS AS POSSIBLE, INCLUDING THE YEMENITE CHILDREN. A large chunk of today's secular Israelis are only secular because of the Jewish agency and the girlie magazines, so they should think twice before making fun of Haraidim.

So is it any wonder that the leftists are always pushing forbidden sexual stimulation down everybody's throat and the Haraidim are always fighting this tooth and nail? Remember that it was Yosef who fought very hard against forbidden sexual advances, all because the Torah said No!

"And the house of Yakov will be a fire, and the house of Yosef will be a torch, and the house of Esau will be straw. And they will ignite and devour them. And there will be not a trace left of the house of Esau, for G-d has spoken" (Ovadia 1). Who is Yosef? Yosef are the people who fight and scream against forbidden sexual stimulation.